Plastic surgery is a medical specialty concerned with restoration of form and function.

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Breast Surgery

Breast surgery is a type of medical procedure that includes improving the condition of the breast. This is done by credible surgeons who have undergone extensive training in order to deliver a safe and accurate outcome. Dr. Dan Rowe specializes in breast surgery and was highly-trained by world-renowned surgeons in Melbourne and Brisbane. With his credentials and good standings, he is one of the sought-after doctors in the field of aesthetic surgery.

Breast Reduction Surgery – This surgery is also called reduction mammaplasty. The procedure involves reducing the size of the breast in order to re-establish its function. Women with abnormally large breasts often suffer from back and chest pains. Breast reduction surgery is done to correct the problem and reshape the breast in proportion to a woman’s body. Some of the indications of breast reduction surgery are restoration of self-image, mental recovery and psychological improvement.

Augmentation Mammoplasty – Augmentation Mammoplasty involves placing a breast implant to correct the size and shape of the breast. This is usually done after mastectomy (removal of the breast), breast reconstruction and other breast surgeries. There are also cases where this surgery is done to correct physical defects, improve any deformity and create breasts for transsexual purposes.

Mastectomy – This procedure is described as the removal of breasts, either completely or partially. People with breast cancer commonly undergo this procedure, but there are some who wants their breast removed to avoid breast cancer from growing. There are several types of mastectomy, some of which are total mastectomy, modified radical mastectomy, skin-sparing mastectomy and many others. The type of procedure is determined by surgeons according to the condition of the patient.

Lumpectomy – Lumpectomy is also known as tylectomy. It is a type of breast surgery that is designed to remove a lump usually caused by a tumor. The tissue can be removed non-invasively and so this is less complicated than mastectomy. This procedure is considered to be a great option for breast preservation especially when a patient does not want to lose her breasts.

Other breast surgery procedures include breast-conserving surgery and mastopexy. Breast-conserving surgery is a less invasive procedure than mastectomy, and mastopexy is commonly known as breast lift surgery. Mastopexy is done for women who need to reshape or raise their sagging breasts. Breast surgery is common in women, but there are cases where men also opt for it. To know more about breast surgery, contact Dr. Rowe today.