Plastic surgery is a medical specialty concerned with restoration of form and function.

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Your Consultation

Your Consultation with Dr Rowe will be an information gathering exercise.   The consultation will go for as long as is required to ensure you receive the best outcome from your treatment.  As a guide, a consultation for a simple skin cancer will last around 15 to 20 minutes, where as a complex reconstructive case may require more than an hour to thoroughly cover all topics and provide you with the information you need to procede with your treatment.  Patients being seen for cosmetic procedures such as Breast Enlargement, or facial rejuvenation can expect to be seeing Dr Rowe for at least 1 hour, and usually also at a follow up appointment, free of charge.

Dr Rowe will ask you the full history relevant to your reason for attending.  Often you local GP or another medical specialist will have provided a referral - it is important you bring a copy along or ensure one has been sent ahead - Dr Rowe will need the information in the letter to ensure you receive the best possible care.  You will also need information about any major medical problems and a list of your current medications.  A list of known allergies is also useful at your first consultation.

It is important that you bring to your consultation any information regarding previous treatment or tests you may have had relevant to the current consultation.  This can in include Xrays or other imaging, Histology ( biopsy results) if you have had previous surgery, or even information about any implants or other prostheses you may have already had.

Once Dr Rowe has all the information required, he will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about proceding with the planned treatment.  Often information sheets will be provided, and information is also available on this website.  Your date for surgery will be booked at this consultation, unless there is further investigation required, such as xrays, scans, or other tests, before surgery can procede.  Occassionally surgery is either not required, or not advisable, and Dr Rowe will explain the reasons a for this and any alternatives available.  If other Specialists are needed to help in or complete your treatment, Dr Rowe will organise this.  You can ask for specialists yuou already know to be involved, and this will be accomodated if at all possible