Plastic surgery is a medical specialty concerned with restoration of form and function.

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Q: Where does Dr Rowe Consult?

A: Dr Rowe only consults in private rooms at the Greenslopes Private Hospital, in rooms situated in the Ramsay Specialist Centre. Inpatient Consultations may be available at several other hospitals around Brisbane

Q: What do I need to bring to my appointment?

A: You must bring your referral letter and any other relevant documentation. Your health insurance details, including membership numbers, or Workcover claim details if relevant, are also essential to allow any surgical bookings that may be needed, to be processed. If you have X-rays, scans or other tests related to the problem you are seeing Dr Rowe about, you should also bring the films, discs, or results along.

Q: Should I arrive early for my appointment?

A: Patients are generally seen in order of appointment times. Dr Rowe endeavors to run as close to time as possible, but occasionally due to unforeseen clinical circumstances he will run behind time. If you arrive early there is no guarantee you will be seen early. Likewise if you are running late, you will still be seen as quickly as possible, but may still have to wait a short while for Dr Rowe to be available.

Q: Where does Dr Rowe operate?

A: Most of Dr Rowe’s private operating lists are undertaken at the Greenslopes Private Hospital. However, due to his interest in Reconstructive surgery, he often operates in conjunction with surgeons of other specialties at several other hospitals in Brisbane. These include St Andrews War Memorial Hospital, Brisbane Private Hospital and The Mater Private Hospital. Dr Rowe has access to Intermediate lists at the Princess Alexandra Hospital and also operates there on public patients.

Q: Does Dr Rowe treat patients covered by a Workcover claim?

A: Yes. Dr Rowe treats many patients through the Workcover system, both via Workcover Queensland and other private insurance organisations. This includes nearly all injuries which require a plastic or hand surgeon. As many of these injuries occur out of standard hours, Dr Rowe participates in an on-call roster through the Greenslopes Private Hospital. Referrals are made via either General practitioners or emergency physicians in the hospital.

Q: How long will I wait to be seen by Dr Rowe?

A: Most referrals are given an appointment within 4 weeks of us receiving it. Urgent cases, such as melanoma’s, are usually seen with two to five days. Acute trauma is seen the same or the next day depending on the type of injury and Dr Rowe’s availability. If you have specific needs regarding a consultation date please discuss this with Dr Rowe’s staff when you call to make your appointment.

Q:How long will it be before I can have my surgery?

A: This depends on many factors. The urgency of the case dictates how soon you will be operated on. Acute injuries are usually operated on within 48 hours, but occasionally the clinical situation means it will be a longer wait. Patients with non-acute problems and non-urgent conditions will usually be given theatre times within 4 weeks of the consultation, but often much shorter times than this are possible. Dr Rowe will try to accommodate work and family requirements you may have to minimize the impact of having surgery. Sometimes this will even include obtaining special extra operating time to accommodate patients needs.

Q: How much will my consultation cost?

A: A standard medicare eligible consultation will cost $165.00. This will include a thorough explanation of your particular diagnosis and a discussion of treatment options . This consultation will last as long as is required to address your concerns and answer all of your questions. Subsequent consultation cost either $95.00, or if they are within the 6 weeks following surgery, they have no fee, as it is included in the fee for your surgery. A discount is offered for pensioners, with the first consultation being $105 and subsequent consultations $70.

Q: Can I claim my consultation fee back from medicare?

A: Yes, as long as it is not for a purely cosmetic issue or diagnosis. All medicare claims require a current referral from either your GP or another specialist. You must bring this referral to your appointment. Medicare rebates are determined by the Federal Government and can sometimes vary depending on your situation.  Unfortunately Medicare rarely covers the full cost of treatment and there will usually be an out of pocket expense for treatment.

Q:How much will my surgery cost?

A: Please see this page for a detailed explanation of Dr Rowe’s billing policy. All costs will be explained in full at your consultation as part of your consent for surgery.

Q: What do I do if my DVA transport care doesn't arrive?

A: If your car doesn't arrive, please ring DVA transport on 1300 550 455. This is the fastest way to get a new booking, and then arrive for your appointment. Ringing Dr Rowe's rooms will only delay your transport further as we cannot book cars directly.