Plastic surgery is a medical specialty concerned with restoration of form and function.

Post Weight Loss Surgery

In a world where everyone aims for a fit body, millions of people are working their way toward losing excess weight. However, people who lost a lot of weight commonly suffer from sagging skin, and so they opt for post weight loss surgery.

Post weight loss surgery is also called body contouring. It is a method done to improve the shape and tone of the body by removing the excess fat and skin. Dr. Dan Rowe specializes in post weight loss surgery and has already helped thousands of people become fitter than ever. Here is some basic information about post weight loss surgery:

  • Post weight loss surgery should be done to achieve overall wellness. It is ideal to perform this procedure when a person has been maintaining a healthy stable weight for more than one year. For better results, the surgery should not be done until two years after the start of a weight loss program. The body needs a sufficient amount of time before it is stabilized and ready to cope with the surgery.
  • A patient needs to possess overall good health before undergoing post weight loss surgery. Dr. Rowe will determine the health condition of the patient in terms of nutrition, psychological status and other factors. One of the reasons why doctors do not qualify a person to undergo this surgery is due to nutrient deficiencies, particularly protein. Protein needs to be adequately present in order to promote wound healing.
  • It is important to know that post weight loss surgery is not a permanent solution. There are realistic expectations that are needed to be realized by a person. Surgery certainly improves the body shape, but over time the skin may continue to sag. This is not only due to weight issues but age-related factors as well. The skin loses its elasticity over time, and this is only a normal body process.
  • Like any other surgery, certain risks and side effects are also possible with post weight loss surgery. The risks may include one or more of the following: bleeding, skin looseness, separation of incision and infection. The whole procedure mainly involves making an incision to remove the excess skin or fat. Scarring is inevitable and fine stitches may cause slight pain.

Post weight loss surgery is a great procedure to gain a body that is more fit and toned. To know more about the procedure, get in touch with Dr. Dan Rowe from Brisbane Hand and Plastic Surgery today.