Plastic surgery is a medical specialty concerned with restoration of form and function.

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Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive surgery involves the restoration of the form and function of the body. These surgeries are performed by qualified surgeons specializing in maxillo-facial surgery and otolaryngology, among others. Dr. Dan Rowe specializes in Microsurgical Reconstructive surgery and has worked with the world leaders in microsurgery at Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Dr. Rowe performs reconstructive surgery for:

  • Breast Reduction and Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is performed on women who have previously undergone breast surgery. There are also cases where women exhibit abnormally large breasts causing health problems like back and chest pains, so breast reduction becomes necessary.

  • Major Injury or Abnormality from Feet and Hand Surgery

This is usually caused by heavy trauma or cancer. People who suffer from odd-looking feet and hands usually presents with low self-esteem. By means of reconstructive surgery, the hands and feet are recovered anew, improving the health and overall well-being of a person. Also, a person with webbed fingers, extra fingers or tumors may opt to undergo this type of reconstructive surgery.

  • Wound Care

People may need extensive wound care when a body part is severely damaged. Major trauma like physical accidents, burns, major skin cuts and other cases may need reconstructive surgery.

  • Flap Procedure

In a flap procedure, tissue is lifted and taken from a donor site and then is moved to another site while ensuring that the blood supply is intact. This is usually performed when a wound has caused extensive tissue damage that the tissue could no longer perform its intended function.

  • Facial Surgeries

In order to correct facial defects, facial surgeries are the best treatment to consider. These are performed on people who have cleft lip; chronic infections of the eye, ear or nose; snoring problems; and many others. There are also cosmetic facial surgeries done for people who need to enhance their facial features. Examples of which are nose lift, wrinkle reduction and eye bags removal.

These are just some of the procedures done under reconstructive surgery. Reconstructive surgery requires a certain precision so that the result will be highly beneficial to patients. There are some cases where the outcome of the surgery is not what the patient expects. Fortunately, Dr. Rowe holds an excellent record of delivering efficient and high quality reconstructive surgery, which earned him the respect and admiration of his colleagues. To know more about what Dr. Rowe can do, contact Brisbane Hand and Plastic Surgery today.